Dr. Holmes currently is retired, although worked occasionally as an independent consultant, primarily to Kennell and Associates, Falls Church, VA. As a contractor, Dr. Holmes created and served five years as the Program Director of both Basic and the Advanced WISDOM courses, enabling health analysts to utilize modern health data and decision tools to improve DoD decision-making primarily by exploiting the MHS Mart (M2) built by a team he led. He also made guest presentations in the TRICARE Financial Management Education Program (TFMEP), a course he previously developed while on active duty.

Dr. Holmes served on active duty in the Army for twenty-five years, and had widely varying assignments including leading the development of new corporate automation   (the CPD system, fielded to all MTFs worldwide on-time and on-budget), logistician for a combat support hospital, chief of a contracting office, health services administrator, serving as an instructor in clinical chemistry and microbiology, then later as a professor teaching comptrollership and financial management in the Army – Baylor graduate MHA program. He received board-certification in financial management, management accounting, and government financial accounting.

Dr. Holmes had worked with the office of ASD(HA) and TMA/DHHQ for the last twenty-six years before retiring. He led the evaluation of the Medicare Subvention Demonstration, originated the Equivalent Lives scale used for measuring PCM panel resource demands, led the Enrollment Based Capitation (EBC) project, created the EBC PLANNER software for managing enrolled populations, and led the creation of both the MHS Data Repository (MDR) and the MHS data mart (M2) (but supported by a host of talented data analysts, programmers, and/or DoD contractors).


Ph.D. (Health Policy and Administration), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1993
M.H.A. (Health Administration), Baylor University, 1987
M.S.M. (Management), Frostburg State University, 1983
B.A. (Mathematics), Harvard University, 1971

Army courses and certified competency (technician level) in:


Nurse (52 week long course)

Medic (corpsman)

Radiology technician

Medical supply clerk

Pharmacy technician

Patient Administration clerk

Orthopedics technician

Hospital Dietetics specialist

Operating Room specialist

Medical Laboratory specialist


Supply clerk

Wheeled vehicle mechanic